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[EN] PHOZON artbook pre-order


Tsundereko Doujin Circle will be at Japan Expo 2017 (July 6th~9th) at Hall 6, booth S689.

We’ll celebrate Vanillaware studio‘s 15th anniversary this year with a fan tribute artbook with tons of illustrations of Princess Crown, GrimGrimoire, Odin Sphere, Muramasa & Dragon’s Crown by our little hands and our amazing guests :  Xa, Raf, Yamishin, ELK, Kosal, Cielociel and Mi-eau !

In addition to the 52-pages grimoire-like goldfoiled hardcover artbook, you also get 22 goldfoiled tarot cards including its tuck box as well as a keychain to choose between 3 designs : Gwen, Mercedes OR Velvet.

Pre-orders start now  until end of 2017 June :
>>>>> PHOZON pack, international shipment <<<<<

If we manage to get enough pre-orders, we’ll be able to give you extra goodies :
- Reward #1 : over 20 pre-orders, you get a free A3-size poster with an exclusive illustration by Kinary
- Reward #2 : over 50 pre-orders, you get a free 8-pages sketchbook
- Reward #3 : over 80 pre-orders, we double the pages, the free sketchbook wil have 16 pages !

The more pre-orders we get, the more free goods we’ll give so please, share the news ! ;)



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Written by Vinhnyu - June 7, 2017
Ingénieur en gribouillis. Co-fondateur de Tsundereko doujin circle

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